Sunday, December 15, 2013

What to cook when you have nothing to cook..

Today I wanted to share our dinner because I had to get quite creative for the reason that I have not been to the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store. I really need to change that about me but I just dread it every time. Therefore we get pretty low on everything before I actually go and then I have to buy bulk groceries that is a buggy full and that is pretty annoying too. It takes forever in line and then forever to unload once I'm home and then forever to put up. I am aware that it would be easier if I go every week or at least every two weeks but no matter how hard I try it never happens. I also refuse to go when I have the boys because it is an absolute NIGHTMARE. They think the helicopter buggy is a small wrestling ring or they end up hanging out of the buggy by their feet. It is never a pleasant experience no matter the bribing. 
I also really hate when other people who know nothing about me tell me how to parent or let me know that they are about to fall out of the buggy. THANK YOU I know. 

Anyways.. to the point of the post. This is one of those times where it is time to go to the grocery store but ahh I just hate it. 

So I start plundering around the kitchen and pantry to see what I can come up with. 
I find progressive southwestern vegetable soup and decide to start with that.
The problem with just eating this soup is that it is about 1/4 full of vegetables and the rest is liquid so it would not be very filling. It also didn't have any meat and we like lots of protein, so I tried to figure out what to do about meat. I then found one pound of hamburger meat which wasn't enough to make anything else with it because we always use 2 pounds whenever recipe calls for 1. So I decided to add it in the soup. 

I also have boil in a bag rice which I add to everything. I love rice. I could and usually do, eat it everyday. Brink also loves rice just as much as I do and it is one thing he is not allergic to so that doesn't hurt either. So I usually have a lot of boil in a bag rice on hand. I think I may be part cajun-asian. 
So the directions are quite simple; I have the soup, add the rice, and then add the meat. I also add a little more water. It went from filling up half of the pot to filling up the pot to the top.It is a simple but filling meal and I even added some boiled eggs on the side. A little odd dinner but full of protein. I like to call it Goolash-Stew. Easy as 

Yes my strainer is broken but still does the trick.

It turned out pretty good for not having much too cook. Made my husband laugh a little too so it was all worth it. Let me know what crazy dinner you come up with when your running low on food. I also hear about people money fasting for a month and have to come up with the same scenario, so it is pretty fun trying to find something from nothing and it also makes you appreciate what you have and not be so wasteful. I know sometimes we have something sitting in the freezer for ever! Its good to make time to get that stuff out and start new. It would also save you a little money. Thanks for reading! 

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