My name is Sydni and I started this blog for many reasons. I want something that I can look back on and remember special times with my family and have neat and important things that I would like to share. This is not triggered to one specific thing because I have too many interests and ideas. I have my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design and practice that on the side but my main focus is my boys. They are only young once and these are the important times to remember and I personally think that these are the years that really develop your relationship. I also feel once you HAVE to do the things you enjoy (designing) then it becomes work and it is not enjoyable anymore, so I try and balance that out with my family life so I don't ever feel overwhelmed.

I spend most of my time trying to bring out the imagination in my children, which comes easily with them. We play pretend in anything that we are doing. I also just recently decided to do preschool at home and took them out of their current preschool. So I will probably blog a little bit about that and hopefully get some feedback because I am always wanting new ideas and find out what works for others and what doesn't. we are not a perfect family when it comes to schedules and bathing and rules and bedtime but we do our best and my kids will always know how much I love them. I mostly just live my life day to day with big hopes and dreams for tomorrow!

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