Saturday, December 14, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest

Hello Everyone,

I know I have been slipping on my 30 days of Pinterest but I have been so tied up, since its so close to Christmas I have been running everywhere from Doctors appointments to breakfast with Santa, Christmas Animal Safari at the library etc etc etc.. You all probably understand exactly what I am talking about. Some days I feel like I have a pretty laid back day and then when the day is over I am exhausted from running around crazy trying to get things done. I always think to myself where did all of this come from?? So with that said, I will probably start back up after Christmas if not in between when I have a free moment. 

When I mentioned we went to the doctor, it was both of my boys check up and we had been everywhere that day and had to run home and grab a few things before we went to the Dr. so of course we are running late because we always run late, so I tell Britton my two year old to hurry put his shoes on (which he usually does a good job). We run jump in the car buckle up and away we go.. Well when we arrive at the doctor I go to get him out of his seat and look down to see this..
This was a later pic but at the point of seeing that he had two righties and obviously two totally different shoes, there wasn't much I could do. So I told him "Well, Alright let's go" and I guess from the frazzled look on my face no one asked any questions. 

Buuuut... I did receive my fabric in to make more No Sew, braided edge fleece blankets that I previously mentioned on my last post. Soo Anyway I am excited to get started on those. The cousins will be getting one for part of their Christmas and when I bought the fabric it was on sale so I got a great deal on all of it!

Thank you Joann's..

These are going to have great contrasts. I can't believe I matched up the colors so well from the computer. The colors usually never look exactly what you think when they come in, but I am very pleased to say the colors were very true to the colors online. 
However; the delivery time was delayed about 5 days so it was a good thing that I ordered in plenty of time. 


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