Where I buy.

I know when shopping I have certain places I like to go for certain things. So I want to share the places I go for the things I need that have the best prices for the best items and hopefully I can save you some money too!

First when I need to stock up on spices and season mixes, I go to save a lot, they have very cheap prices and spices are practically nothing. I do not normally buy my groceries there but I will definitely buy my spices, salts, and seasons. So I go once and stock up and it usually lasts me a while. Spices don't really go out of date!

Children's books- I always go to the thrift store for my kids books. I sometimes get them for 75 cents or less and they have the most unique and greatest selection (you never know what book you will find). My boys have a huge selection of books and I have even collected a whole collection with a few trip, such as little critter ( my favorite selection), golden books,  and more. I found some well known popular books too that every kid knows, such as hungry catepillar, where the wild things are, brown bear brown bear (just to name a few). I just get a clorox wipe and wipe them down air them out a little, take the sale sticker off (actually do that first or else it doesn't come off very well after wiped) and VWA LA. No one will ever know that I only spent 50cents compared to 17.99$

Birthday gifts- when going to a kids birthday party I always run into Ross. They have the best toys at the best price. No joke. You can also find toys that you can not find any where else. They also have stuff that you would see in Walmart at least half of what you would pay there. I have bought a LaLa Loopsy toy for 9.99 and saw it the next day at Walmart for 29.99. Even if you are going to a baby shower they have all the baby essentials you would need and the softest blankets for 4.99-to about 6.99 (12.99 at target). They also have great baby toys. I also buy my sons pacis  and sippy cups for 2.99 always 5.49 at Walmart or Target.
Another reason I go to Ross is when my boys have a doctor appointment and get shots or have a tramatic experience, we will go to Ross and pick out a toy there and I never spend over 10$ for two toys. They always leave happy!

Kids clothes- I usually go to Target because I have the red card debit and get 5% off and free shipping online. So they have daily deals that sometimes have boys clothes and every time you buy something you get coupons printed out that are usually like 5 $ off 20 $ purchase of 20% off and then another 5%. That is awesome! I also go to Old navy because you always get coupons to your email for 10% off. You always can get Old Navy cash at certain times and that is usually when I tend to go shopping. Which will save  you money the next time. They also do military discounts and if you buy two sets like I do they always have 2 for a certain price like 2 for 24 $ on jeans which save 6$ and 2 for 12 $ on shirts which saves 4 $.

Household supplies- when I need something quick such as sand paper, or a broom, shovel, planter, drill bits, nails, etc. I got to my local habitat store and always find what I need and usually something else I decided I need for practically nothing. They have great prices and its all new stuff.

Also around Aug-Oct. Kmart has almost all there toys in the garden center half price. Great time to stock up on Christmas. They have a great toy selection, stuff you cant find anywhere else.!

Hope my list comes of value to you as I feel like it has saved me money! Keep checking back and when I find out other deals I will gladly share!

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