Family Life

I have two silly, messy, sweet, little boys whom my life revolves around.

Brink, 4

Brink is a mamas boy, no matter what it is I'm doing he likes to be right there helping me and asking me 101 questions on why it is I'm doing what I'm doing. But also will brag on daddy as quick as he gets the chance. Brink is sweet and soo silly. He talks to everyone that walks by and loves to meet new people especially kids. Being that he is allergic to almost everything. literally. keeps him pretty little; but extremely fiesty. He has been through alot at such a young age but always reminds us to be thankful and count our blessings every day because he is such a strong and stubborn little boy.
Britton, 2
Britton is a sweet and loving little boy. He is his daddy's mini me. He is also very silly, it takes him a few minutes to warm up but as soon as he feels comfortable he is all show. He is a little daredevil always jumping off of something or I am pulling him down from cabinets. He definitely keeps me busy and gives his brother a run for his money. Both boys will fight all day long but if one is gone from the other, when reunited they will hug for an hour, its the funniest thing.

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