Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Day of Rest

Well the saying Sunday is a day of rest is exactly what I did today was rest. I got a few things done but.. I did stay in my pajamas all day along with my boys. Which was much needed after a hectic week. Today I took time to sit down watch tv, relax and reflect on being thankful. We do not have a lot of extraordinary things, but what we do have I need to appreciate more often. Today I noticed the small things that make my boys happy and thought really this is all I have to do and they are quite content and happy. They are at a good age when money isn't a problem to them they don't really full understand it. They think I can get money whenever I want just go to the bank and get some right.. there's an endless supply. They don't actually understand that the money you get is yours, they just thinks its there for you to get. I really love the unawareness that they have. Even when we have financial difficulties they have no clue and that just makes its a littler easy to bare. 

Heres a few things that our day consisted of.. 

Tattoos. They love putting on tattoos.
Oranges. They love the fact that can can peel their own orange and it occupies them for about 30 minutes. They feel BIG when they get it accomplished. 
 Wow the flash got the best of this orange 
 Oh. and I repotted my aloe plant. I live by aloe remedy, I swear it cures everything.

Also today I washed my sheets; Brink and Britton love watching tv in our room and laying on the Big bed and snuggling up and it is also the darkest room in the house so it is fun to watch movies in. But since it didn't have any bedding I made a little camp for them and they also got really excited about this. I usually can't keep them in there too long because they think their missing out on something but they watched two movies in a row without coming out. I never knew a sleeping bag could make such a difference. But like I said. It's the little things that gets them very excited! 

I also mentioned in a past post that I was making more fleece blankets for the cousins as part of their Christmas. Well I am very excited to say that I have them completed. I finished the last one today during a Netflix marathon I had going of 'Parenthood'.  BTW, I love that show and highly recommend it. 
I think they will really like their blankets. All in all it has been a peaceful day and we didn't have anywhere to be, nothing we had to do that couldn't wait and I really enjoy these days with my boys. Thanks as always,

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