Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Small Version of Tape Painting

I have found many paintings from pinterest that people have done using tape, and my boys were getting very unruly so I decided to give them something to occupy their time and give me a little peace as well. They love being focused on something and get really excited when they create anything. I really love for them to do anything art related to let them use their creativity or just holding that paintbrush they feel very in control and feel appreciated. Every time I praise something they make, I can see that they really feel like they accomplished something. I think that everyone should feel that way everyday whether its something big or small. 

This is their lovely creation. I taped the canvases and let them choose what colors and how they wanted to paint it. I think it is also a great stress relief for them when they start getting tired and cranky and start fighting each other. 

 Here is their finished product. I think it going to look great framed on their wall in their room. 
This is very simple and fun project that anyone can do and it always turns out great. I don't think anyone can mess this one up! Thanks for reading! Leave a comment, I love looking at others blog and getting to know more bloggers!

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