Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Ready

Christmas morning was right around the corner and after we had our Christmas, we were planning on going to my aunt's house, so I decided to take a few treats to snack on in between meals. Well my whole family has caught the gluten bug so I wanted to make something gluten free but keep it traditional.  I decided to make gluten free gingerbread cookies. I also wanted to make something for everyone else and made some cake balls,which I usually always result to making because I can actually make them without messing up. To start with I found this recipe from this blog and it was super easy to make. Gluten free gingerbread cookies.
Ingredients:    1 box of cake mix
                          1 container of icing
                               1 pack of almond bark

Cake balls are easy to make. All I did was get 1 box of cake mix and 1 container of icing. I chose the funfetti Christmas mix and corresponding icing. So the inside of the cake balls will turn out to be green. And I used white almond bark and Christmas sprinkles. 
1. Bake the cake and then let it cool.
2. In large bowl crumble up cake mix and half container of icing.
3. Roll out balls and place n wax paper
4. Chill for about 2 hours
5. Melt almond bark
6. Roll balls into melted bark and place back onto wax paper ( I use a small fork or toothpick)
7. Dash sprinkles on while still melted
8. Chill another hour 
Merry Christmas!!

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