Monday, December 9, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest Day, 7

What I chose to make today I have had pinned for a while and wanted to try. My step mom use to make these blankets from fleece and would tie the sides, which I liked but wasn't crazy about the ruffly ties around the edge. After a few washes the just didn't look as good. Well one day I came across this blanket on pinterest and it is basically the same concept but she found a way to braid the edges instead of tying them. I thought it looked awesome and decided to make a couple for my boys for Christmas, because when it comes to covering up when watching a movie they are just like me. We like to pull the cover up to our eyeballs and we all need to be touching. Here is the lovely blog with great directions on how to make the braided side fleece blanket. Pieces by Polly
I used the double sided tutorial to make it extra thick and I also liked the contrast between the colors. She also has a single layer tutorial. 
I really like this edge because it looks like it takes a lot of skill but really was soo easy. The first blanket took me a little longer but once I got to the second blanket I had the hang of it and it was done in no time. I give this project 1-2 hours to make, Second time took me an hour. 

Here is my process..


My boys are going to be so excited!

I am really happy about the way they turned out! I will be making lots more in the near future!

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  1. These are very cute. I have done dozens of the tied edge blankets, but I have not seen these braided edge ones. I will click over to the site and have a look at them. #SITSSharefest