Sunday, December 8, 2013

30 days of Pinterest Day, 6

Today I wanted to make a few decor trees for Christmas and I found a couple that I liked. The first on is made from coffee Filters and the Second one is made from felt. Here are the pictures and links for the complete directions on how to make these lovely trees. Both websites have very easy to follow directions.
This coffee Filter tree tutorial can be found at City Farmhouse

The felt tree tutorial can be found at The crafted Sparrow

I did not have the already made cones and didn't intend to buy any so I found this tutorial on how to make cone trees from cardstock at A Million Memories.

When rolling my paper into cones it took me a few minutes to figure out how to roll it. Its kind of hard to explain but you have to roll it into a upward direction turning to the right to keep a point, or else it will have a large hole at the end. 
-Also she mentions stapling it together and that is what I did and it worked great.

Here are my finished products, a little time consuming but not hard at all. 

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