Tuesday, December 3, 2013

30 Days of Pinterest

I decided to give myself a challenge and have 30 days of Pinterest. I am always planning on making stuff that I find and pinning it but sometimes I get to it and sometimes I don't. So I have picked out my top 30 favorites and cant wait to start!!

Day 1,

The first project I decided to do is make home made laundry detergent. I have been hearing all the hype and how cheap it is and my grandma swears that it cleans better than regular detergent. So I decided to tackle this project first because I was running low and it was the perfect time to make some! First I did my research and tried to find the best walk through directions because I like step by step and the blog I found was great and had illustrations and easy to follow instructions. I had no idea what fels-naphtha was but she showed a picture and that made it super easy to find at the store. In fact all the ingredients were right beside each other at walmart.

I actually used one of my kids toy bins to mix it up and it also cleaned out the dust too!
The blog where I found my instructions explained it so thoroughly so you can see step by step instructions.Frugally Green

In total, all ingredients cost me with tax about 12$ but I did buy a 3$ cheese grater so if you already have that it will save you 3 bucks!

*What I would do differently- next time I will not add so much water because to me it was a little to liquidity and kind of separated but that may just be me and temperature of the room or something.

Also: I didn't leave mine in the bucket I funneled it into two empty detergent bottles that I had saved and it filled them BOTH up.

After it was all over I still have two pieces of soap left and both boxes of washing soda and borax are still full so this detergent will last me a looong time.

3 Days Later...

I have washed clothes several times now and I can protest that the detergent works great! I had a spot on my jeans that previously wouldn't come out but after I washed with this it was gone! I was sold. The laundry doesn't really have a scent (I didn't add any oils because my son has very sensitive skin) but they do look and feel clean.

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